Sunday, July 24, 2016

Event 1 Blog: Getty Center

I went to the Getty Center for my first event blog. It had been around 5 or so years since I had been to a museum in general and it was refreshing to see and view art. However, my goal during my trip was to view the relationship between art and science in the museum.

Luckily, admission to the Getty was free and so, I only had to pay for the Uber to get there. I had the option of riding the tram or walking to the center. I decided to take the tram on my way up and walk on my way down. It was a somewhat scary experience being close to the freeway on the tram, but the view was amazing. Finally, I arrived at the center.

My initial thought was that the place was very big. I truly admired the many buildings, sculptures, and the garden in the center. However, I decided to focus on the architecture in this blog. I found out that the architecture of the Getty Center was done by artist and architect, Richard Meier. His goal was to bring both nature and culture together. In all honesty, I have never truly appreciated architecture until now especially in the stone of the architecture. The stone called Travertine, which is found in Italy, is used in Getty Center, approximately 1.2 million square feet. I even noticed fossilized leaves embedded in the stone. It was truly remarkable.

What I learned from Week 1 on the topic of Math+Art came to my head. Many of the buildings uses the golden ratio in its architecture. In the pictures below, you will be able to see how the golden ratio was fit into certain buildings at the Getty Center.

It was enlightening and mind-blowing coming to the Getty Center. Through this experience, I was able to witness first-hand that art and science really depend and learn upon each other. It was surprising and amazing to see the validity of what I am learning. I really enjoyed my trip to the Getty Center and I hope that I will be able to visit in the future.

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